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Postal Stamp Online

We are an authorized USPS retailer offering 100% authentic USPS postal stamps at the best prices, with tax-free and free shipping in the United States. We have applied through the USPS Approved Postal Supplier Program, which provides participating independent suppliers with USPS brand rights and logos.

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Enjoy the designs and love orchids. The stamps are rather small so the design doesn’t show as well as it could on a larger scale. Sweet and pretty.

These were exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t want to leave the house for stamps and these were perfect.

Perfect perfect perfect!!! Thank you so much for this.

My fiance wanted these for our wedding invitation since she didnt like any of the stamps in current production and wanted something "pretty" i would say they are worth it... they are forever stamps and alot nicer looking than a traditional stamp.

Beautiful. Used for wedding invites.


Liked that I received my order within a few days as I was down to one stamp. Also liked the selection on the website.


They’re simple and just beautiful, and elevate any color envelope from just okay to gorgeous. In fact, I love their versatility and the way they change the look of a plain envelope so much, I’m going to buy some more. Really.

So happy with with my order!!! Love these stamps!!!

I liked the stamp. Very decorative. Used it for mailing.

These are great, you get what you pay for!